Top 3 Content Marketing Hacks of 2017

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With every new year, getting strong results from content marketing becomes that much harder. More people join the game and the current pool also gets more sophisticated.

This is all the more reason for you to up your game with the three best content marketing hacks that will take your site to the next level.

We have kept ahead of the content marketing curve and seen improved numbers in every new year. Below are our top three content marketing hacks that keep us ahead of our competitors:


Content Marketing Hack 1: Answer Questions

Since MonetizeMore is in the ad tech industry, we focus on engaging communities in the ad optimization industry. We answer ad optimization related questions on Google Product Forums, Quora, Twitter, Digital Point and Reddit. We have found that this enables positive interactivity with sub-communities, establishes MonetizeMore as authorities and drives many leads.

Google Product Forums have been the most important forum that we have put our greatest focus on since it gets the most activity amongst publishers. Our consistent engagement with the users has allowed us to grow our profile status so that MonetizeMore has additional legitimacy in the forum. We have noticed as our profile status grew, so did our leads.

For Twitter, we do hashtag searches for important keywords in our industry like #dfp #adsense #headerbidding. Many of the tweets are questions or issues that publishers have that we help them out with. This has been a source of leads and has helped our social following on Twitter as well.

Digital Point is dedicated to publishers and people who want to make money online. It is not nearly as popular as Google Product Forums but is worth the less frequent browse for answering questions. We’ve found that the leads are in proportion to the answers we give when comparing to Google Product Forums. However, the publishers tend to be smaller on Digital Point.

Reddit has been an incredible source of large sophisticated publishers that drive many thought provoking discussions and questions. Reddit has not been a great source for leads but instead we use it to further drive our thought leadership in the industry. This is where you will find the mavens in the industry. Be very genuine with your conversations. Spammers will not survive in Reddit.


Content Marketing Hack 2: Round-up Posts

A well-executed round-up post based on trending topics in our industry has gotten a lot of views, shares and attention from the most influential players. The extra time it takes to create a round-up post has provided a much greater return versus normal blog posts for the below reasons:


  1. Trending Topics: Round-up posts should be made about trending topics that many people are searching about and sharing. These topics tend have a higher potential to become evergreen content and to go viral.
  2. High Legitimacy: Getting the opinions of many CEOs and executives in an industry carries a lot of legitimacy. Higher legitimacy means lower bounce rates, higher time on page, more shares and better search ranking and traffic at the end of the day.
  3. Long-form Content: When you get opinions of 20+ influencers, you’re going to end up with very long form content which is great for SERPs. These type of posts are great for ranking well on a wide variety of search terms.
  4. Many Shares: Not only is the shareability with normal users higher for these type of posts but many of the influencers who were featured tend to share the post on their social media channels. It’s important to encourage them to do so and make it as easy as possible for them to share on each one of their social media channels.


The down-side of round-up posts are they take a lot of work and collaboration to write. We recommend to use HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to reach these relevant influencers to make your job much easier. The HARO newsletter has a wide variety of people that are willing to contribute to these type of posts for free promotion.


Content Marketing Hack 3: Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with several other companies that have complimentary offerings. As a result, we refer each other clients. We have received our highest quality leads via this channel.

We found these partners by brain storming the types of companies that have very similar target audiences. We then filtered that list by only choosing the companies that have complimentary offerings to ours (Not direct competitors of course). With that filtered list, we contacted each one to see if they were interested in referring leads.

Some companies already had affiliate programs but weren’t interested in swapping referrals. We signed up to their affiliate programs and referred clients that could get value out of their offering and created a new revenue stream. For the companies that were interested in creating a new affiliate revenue stream for themselves, we offered them a commission for every successful referral and received several great new clients as a result. Finally, there were some companies that were happy to do a fair referral swap with no money exchanged. Whenever, we got a new client that was a good fit for their offering, we would refer them and vice versa. This good faith deal worked the best for us because each company would be committed to sending the other a lot of business.


Overall, the above three content marketing hacks grew MonetizeMore’s customer base significantly and we plan to further bolster them in 2017. We plan to:

  • Participate in more relevant forums
  • Write more and larger round-up posts
  • Find more strategic partners to attain more referrals

If you would like to experience similar type of growth, I’d recommend employing similar strategies and commit to each one for the full duration of 2017. You can read some of the similar articles on our blog here.

Kean Graham

Kean is a pioneer in ad optimization covering areas like Adsense/AdX, DFP, header bidding and ad network optimization. Kean has always believed in empowering publishers to increase their ad revenues more efficiently and effectively via articles, videos and technology.

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