Just 10 Funny Content Marketing Jokes: Updated

Content Marketer Jokes

Writing and marketing content is a tough job. Storytelling, branding, finding unique voice, pleasing humans and search engines, tracking performance and constantly improving is an everyday activity. How about we serve you with some content marketing jokes to make this day a little more fun?

1. We wouldn’t want anyone to bounce, right?

Content Marketing Joke 10


2. The love-hate relationship.

Content Marketing Joke 9

3. The Content Marketer joke on building community.

Content Marketing Joke 9

5. Were they on the same site at least?

Content Marketing Joke 8

6. The classic what they think meme.

Content Marketing Joke 7


7. Click to enter content trap.

Content Marketing Joke 6

8. The clever SEO hack.

Content Marketing Joke 5

9. Bloody thesaurus.

Content Marketing Joke 3

10. Hope that’s a joke. Imagine a content markter’s kid like this.

Content Marketing Joke 1


11. We believe in automation

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Ishan Mathur

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