How to Promote Content with Email

how to promote content with email

Promoting your content with email is not a choice; it’s a necessity.

Let’s say that you have created an awesome piece of content. It has the right heading, right structure, and chances are that your target audience will love it.

Now how to you reach to them? Seven years ago, an average reader visited 89 websites in a month. Today, the number is much higher. Think about it. There are a billion websites on the internet and readers won’t magically appear on yours.

That’s why content promotion is so critical. Social media, forum submission, guest posting and other similar activities are good but email content marketing is your best bet.


Why do you need to promote content on emailers?

Email marketing  is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies. Why is that? Do they know something that other don’t? Most marketing experts consider emailers the best promotion tool. In a Hubspot survery, 93% marketing experts chose email as a tool to distribute business content.

content promotion tool email


Still we didn’t answer why. With so many content distribution tools around, why are companies going after emailer marketing so badly? Rather than throwing 7 statistical pieces, here’s the infographic to understand this better.


why email marketing

Distribution Content Through Emailers

In this little guide, we will help you start using emails to promote freshly written content pieces. And if you are already doing it, we’ll help you get better. Stay with us on this one.


  1. Signup for an email tool

Are you already sending newsletters? If no, then you need to sign up for a tool that allows you to shoot mass emailers. MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid and a bunch of other guys have best marketing services but you might want to take a look around. Most of them offer trial days, a period that will help you take wiser decisions.

content opt in

Meanwhile, activate email opt-in form on your blog and website. People interested in your content can sign up to read more of it. Later, sync it with the email marketing service for automation.


  1. Send weekly content updates

Out of sight is out of mind. Don’t wait until a freshly baked blogpost is out. If you are short of content, republish older ones and send them out every week. Change the title and see what works for you.

Most successful marketers send at least one content distribution email a week. Based on the response and number of blog posts published, you can tweak that number. Keep a close eye on unsubscribes though.


  1. Design is critical

A neatly designed newsletter vs. a simple text emailer. Which one will perform better?

Take a guess. Hubspot has a neat study on this question.

html vs text email

It will take a few experiments to gauge what works better for your content. Keep tweaking based on the results


  1. Advanced Nurturing Plan

Do you want to just keep sending emailers every week and wait for things to happen? Most marketers do.

A smarter way, though, would be to track numbers (opens, clicks) and create an automation plan based on those numbers. Companies with active marketing teams draw an email nurturing plan based on what buyer’s journey through the sales funnel and their status.

email automation content

Imagine, you sell shoes and write blogposts about it. A user just signs up for the blog. What do you send them? What do you send them in a week that will make them more interested in products? What will you send them in three weeks? What will you send them after the purchase? How do you identify what stage they are on? All that is coming up in our next post.

Ishan Mathur

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