How To Increase Email Click Rates

How many people clicked on your last email?
Let’s assume that you do everything right week.
Keep the subject short. Optimize for phones. Start with an interesting opening. And even spend time testing samples.
Are the open and click numbers still flat? No matter what you try?
I’m going to give just one tip that I use to boost performance by 30 to 50percent. It’s no big deal, everyone can do it.
Before moving to the tip, let us talk briefly, about why email marketing is so important, for both B2B and B2C companies. A couple of years back, digital marketers thought email marketing is going to be dead. There was so much competition and ambiguity, plus the social media seemed like a great replacement.
Did it happen? Of course not. Email is the most effective digital marketing strategy to generate leads and to drive traffic. On the other hand, social networking is more of a subsidiary, at least for the B2B domain. Don’t believe me. The research was globally driven by Gigaom.

open email

 That is exactly why email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and StreamSend are doing so good. Businesses, of every size, need them.

30% Increase in Opens and Clicks

I’m going to assume that your contact database isn’t stale and you are regularly getting rid of the non-existent and uninterested ids. Apart from the other bonus tips that I’m going to share here, I start with saying that more than 50% people do not open your emails. Am I wrong?
1 in 2 recipients did not open your last email.
Or maybe the number is more than that depending on your industry and database quality.
Open vs click


Here is a little trick that we use to improve that.
Many people are not able to open your email and click on the call-to-action because they missed it. Think about it. They get many emails, probably they saw yours and didn’t have time. It happens all the time and then it is dumped in a pile.
The solution: Send email once more to people who did not open it.
It is a simple trick and possibly too benign. I don’t want you to believe me. Just try it once. It has provided me 30-40% increase in both click and open rates.


It’s less than 5 minutes of work. It helps my friend Josh at Best Buy every week.
His email was read by 16, 432 more people last week, just because he cared to send it once more.   

The Other Tips

I know you have already read about those subject and optimizing things a few times. So, let’s just skip that and try some other tweaks.
Once you perform this little experiment (I’d love to read about how it worked out for you), you can try some of the other things that I love playing with.

Tip: 1) Play with the sender

Who is sending the email? Most digital marketing gurus say that sending the email from a person is better. Who wants to receive an email for bots and companies? But that’s not possible for everyone right? So I say take a more genuine approach. ‘Sender’ is the first thing that hits your reader.
The sender is more important than the subject.
It is.


Think about: Is it vague? Is it too boring? Can I shorten the sender’s name? Does it look like spam
And please never use sender names like these.
Nobody opens such emails.

Tip 2) Define your CTA

What is your call to action? We spend so much time perfecting the CTAs on landing pages, why isn’t it so with our best traffic source? Possibly because most digital marketing guys do not like to involve copywriters in the process.
It doesn’t matter if the body and subject are great. What are you gonna do with it? Here’s the process to break it all down.
1. Sender and Subject = Open
2. Content = Reading
3. Reading = Notice CTA
4. Great CTA = Click
You miss anything in the process, you are wasting money and time.
Email has to be traffic driven. Period.

Tip 3) Grow the list

Let’s say a lot of people open and click your emails and they also get to your landing pages. Where do you go from there? How do you make it better?
You grow the email subscription list.
Unfortunately, the effort is just not there. We are all so busy selling products and making people do things that expanding database takes a hit.
I’ve always believed that helping people subscribe to the blog is critical.
Don’t do product trials and other selling activities as primary CTA.
Making them use the product is a much smaller thing than getting them to subscribe to your updates. This way, you offer value. There will be plenty of chances to sell in the future.
Make a relationship > Throwing the product in face


Have you tried something too? Was there a positive response? Comment it here. Let’s try them too and post the joint results in a few weeks with a new post. 

Ishan Mathur

Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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