How to Find Content Topics for Your Blog with Free Tools

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Blog is the most consistent source of traffic. And right so.

You write on awesome topics that people are interested in. Traffic starts increasing and you increase the blog post frequency. However, soon the content topics for blog start drying. You struggle with the mediocre ideas and settle for older ones.

5 Free Blog Idea Generators for Marketing Teams  

Every company faces similar issues with researching SEO topics in marketing. Lucky for us, there are several tools that tell you exactly what the target audience wants to read.

1. FAQFox

You probably have exhausted the content topic ideas from Quora. That is why we have pushed it below FAQFox.

This is not just a free blog topic generator tool. FAQFox scrapes competitors’ website and provides you unique writing ideas based on keywords. The generated topics are usually questions that readers want answers to.


What it does: Handy SEO and content tool to generate blog post ideas less than 10 seconds.

Who can use it: Bloggers, content marketers and social media teams can use the questions to create articles, eBooks, Playbooks, presentations and videos.


2. Quora

Quora is arguably the most popular content marketing topics generator after Google.

The mechanics of this powerful social media tool are fairly simple. Users ask questions under relevant topic threads and you can answer them or pick up the next blog topic. Want to get more out to Quora? Post the question on Twitter and analyze the response before writing a blog post. The tweet/question with maximum engagement is a potential content topic idea winner.

Content Ideas Quora

What it does: Q&A community with 100 million active monthly users.

Who can use it: Digital marketers, content marketers and social media teams can use it to get writing topics or to promote content.


3. Buzzsumo

Why experiment when you can guarantee success?

Buzzsumo allows you to scan any website for their most shared content pieces. It tracks content engagement of all popular social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. While we do not recommend copying the blog topics, it gives you an idea of what can work better.

Buzzsumo Content Ideas

What it does: Buzzsumo provides social engagement data for any keyword or domain.

Who can use it: Anyone in the marketing team can analyze what kind of content is working for competitors in the industry.


4. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Want a little more automation? This is the tool for you.

If going to multiple websites looking for the right content idea with SEO power is a huge task, Hubspot’s content idea tool is just the thing you need. Simply enter your main keywords and get the topic ideas in seconds.

Hubspot Blog Topic

What it does: Generates blog post ideas based on the keyword inputs from the user.

Who can use it: Bloggers and content marketers use this tool to generate ideas. Always remember to use at least one primary keyword in the search for SEO-friendly topics.


5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Here’s another tool when you want the topic generation to be a piece of cake.

Portent’s Idea Generator can act tricky at times, especially for technical topics but with entering variation in keywords you will get satisfactory results. What’s better is that this tool will also give you free SEO and community suggestions. For the uninitiated in content and SEO marketing, these are handy suggestions.

Portent Content Topic

What it does: Generates content ideas based on inputs.

Who can use it: Any content marketer or blogger struggling with content ideas.

Other 101 Content Topic Generators:

Have you already tried these tools? Kissmetrics has a massive list of 101 content ideas that has everything tool and trick in the book.

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