In Conversation With Matthew Osborn: Learn, Grow and Fail Fast

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Content Marketing is a difficult game. With so many veterans eyeing the top spot, you need to be fast and proactive to win. This week, we sat down with Matthew Osborn, Senior Marketing Manager of Apruve, to gain from his expertise in digital marketing, growth hacking and content.


1. We’d love to know where you grew up and what you studied.

I was born in the United States and I studied Creative Advertising and Marketing at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.


2. Please tell ous about your initial days in digital and growth marketing.

After graduating from Drake University, I originally started as an outside salesman. Although I was awful at it. I quickly learned that hearing “No” should not put you down, but instead challenge you to improve your performance, the way you communicate a product is an art, and of course that I no longer wanted to be in sales.

I have still applied those tactics to my career and it has really benefited my career growth, whether marketing for a retailer, CPG manufacturer or B2B Tech company I go by the saying, “fail fast, learn quickly”. This saying applies so genuinely toward digital marketing when you have the opportunity to inexpensively try new things and learn from your mistakes and the ability to apply numerous communication strategies.


3. Everyone talks about content yet most companies struggle with it, your thoughts?

Before content marketing got to where it is today, companies were continuously trying to sell their product, they were only writing sell sheets, brochures, advertisements and catalogs. Content marketing caught them off guard, but before they had a strategy they still decided to start a blog and launch social media but they continuously wrote about how great their product was. Unfortunately, this is like reading a user manual. It is not fun to read and definitely something you don’t share with anyone you know.

In order to be good at content marketing, companies need to have a great idea of who their customer is, and instead of selling a product, find a way to solve their customers’ or prospects’ needs.


4. Do businesses need to worry about SEO? Or it goes hand in hand with good content?

SEO is definitely important for any business that is looking to increase their traffic, conversions and/or growth. As for does it go hand in hand with good content? It should. Sadly, many companies are still making content without an SEO strategy. A company’s content should always revolve around your customer’s needs, but it should also take into consideration the topics that offer the highest growth potential.


5. Great storyteller. One company that comes to your mind.

Patagonia. They have maintained their original values and have created stories that not only match the needs of their customers, but also inspire their readers to be great.


6. With a content overload, how can companies win at social media.

A lot of companies try to expand their brand as quick as possible expanding across multiple platforms before they ever create a solid marketing strategy. Before you ever get involved in social media, a company should do their research to figure out which platforms their target audience uses and provide content that meets the needs of those viewers. If a company extends themselves too thin across multiple platforms there will be less engagement and a smaller ROI.


7. Your tip to aspiring digital and growth marketers.

“Fail Fast!” If you do not fail, you are not pushing yourself, when you do fail, learn from it!

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Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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