In Conversation With Mariona Prat Vila: Nailing Your Content Game


When it comes to getting the right content strategy, you need to learn from the best. This week, we make it happen for you. She is the Project Manager for Samsung Pay Mobile Wallet, and a tech passionate with love for disruptive technologies. Mariona Prat Vila is our expert for week and she is helping us solve the marketing puzzles.


Let’s start with knowing about you a bit. We’d love to know about your native city, study and work.

When people try to guess my country of origin based on my looks, (something that happens quite often) they usually come up with places like Germany, Russia or Sweden. Nonetheless, it is always a big surprise to many when I finally tell them that I am actually from Barcelona (Spain), where I was born, raised and spent most of the first 23 years of my life!

Back in college in Barcelona, I began my undergraduate studies in Business Administration inspired by my interest in understanding how businesses work, but as soon as I realized I had a big passion for Marketing, I decided to undertake an international Master’s of Science in Marketing Management and become a Marketing specialist.

After graduating, I had to make a crucial decision in every single students’ lives: decide where and in which company to start my professional career. In my case, my dream had always been to pursue an international career in tech while living abroad. South Korea, a country highly respected in the tech industry, seemed right from the beginning. It was this what inspired me to come all the way to Seoul for my first job and start my professional career working at Samsung Electronics.


Please tell us about your initial journey in digital and growth marketing

My first steps in digital marketing date back to my college years, when I started being curious about this area and took a class named “Social Media Marketing.” I learned so many new digital concepts, strategies and best practices during this class that I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty and start experimenting them all with a tech brand.

It wasn’t until I started working for the Samsung Pay Team, though, a super exciting team that manages Samsung’s new mobile wallet service and its launch across the globe, that I had the opportunity to get to the nitty-gritty details of digital marketing. It was on this team that I had the chance to create a digital and growth marketing strategy for Samsung Pay, manage the service presence online and experiment with new ideas to make it grow.


Why do you think that so many companies struggle to make a mark with their content?

All companies have heard for years the idea that they need to make relevant content for their audience as well as appeal to their needs and interests. However, this advice fails at addressing the real problem: online channels are overloaded with good content, and it takes a lot more than just a good strategy to stand out. Although I have learned many tricks along the way, one of my favorite out-of-the-box approaches which can make a huge difference in a brand’s content marketing strategy is creating “shareable” content.

– “Shareable” content: Create content that is shareable and will make your customer look smart. The idea behind this approach relies on the fact that everybody likes content that can help them learn something new in just a few seconds, and which sharing it can make them look knowledgeable and intellectual. Why shouldn’t companies appeal to that niche interest with its content marketing strategy? Try creating visual content like infographics with key facts and information about a relevant brand or industry related topic, and make your users look smart by sharing it. I am sure you will start seeing how your users spread the word for you in no time!


What’s your take on Search Engine Optimization? Do businesses need to worry about it or it goes hand in hand with good content?

The bad news is that all businesses especially small and medium ones need to worry about this. The good news is that it is pretty straightforward. Good content and SEO go hand in hand, but to maximize the company’s content online impact my advice would be the following:

  1. Identify the trending topics of your industry and create related quality and unique content

  2. Identify the most searchable and trending keywords for these topics

  3. Tweak your content incorporating these and boost your content visibility!


Great storyteller. One company that comes to your mind

I believe Coca-Cola is a great example of a brand that takes Marketing and storytelling to the next level. The company has always had a great strategy and an impeccable and integrated execution across all their online and offline channels. Indeed, a few things that I would point out to be the reason for their marketing success would be:

1-  The brand perception and the message are both unique and successful. Consumers think of happiness and bonding experiences with their loved ones when they drink Coca-Cola, as the company sells emotions, feelings or states of mind.

2-    Content is breath-taking. Their campaigns connect with the audience in a unique sentimental and human way, and that is why they are liked and shared across platforms. Coca-cola has been considered several times as the leader in content marketing and their ads’ success during the super bowl is an excellent example of this.

3-    They deliver real marketing innovation across their channels (online & offline). Their campaigns are always unique, personal and keep customers engaged. Several examples clearly show this such as named cans (ex: Cristina, David), themed cans (ex: America themed) and unique vending machines with included gamification features.


With a content overload for users, how can companies win at social media?

Find your niche customer, identify their main online community and get influential in that community before expanding to other channels.

This idea goes against some of the mainstream social media strategies in which companies want to have a presence on every single channel out there. This plan might sound great as it shows consistency across channels and allows businesses to reach several audiences. However, based on my experience I would say it is probably not the best way to go about it. A much more targeted and fast-growing approach that will bring better results in your social media strategy is to start small, focusing on one channel at a time where a substantial percentage of your potential customer base is, and spread out to other channels only when you get a consistent audience.


A tip for aspiring digital and growth marketers

Get inspired by the industry’s best practices, use this knowledge to think outside of the box and experiment new strategies, and finally keep innovating to make a difference with your brand.


Do you have more questions? Drop them in comments get in touch with Mariona on her website.

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