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She’s successful, she’s dynamic and she’s a marketing genius you’d definitely want on your team. This week we managed to speak to Dominique Varendorff, Co-founder of My Entrepreneur Life, on what makes content marketing click. Here’s everything we asked her.

1. Let’s start with your story. Where were you born, what did you study?

I was born in Brisbane, Australia and studied Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications.


2. Please tell our readers a bit about your initial journey in digital and growth marketing.

After I graduated university I went to work in the Marketing department for KFC. It was here that I learnt some of the practical applications of online and traditional marketing. In 2012 I moved to Toronto, Canada and took a job with Estee Lauder Companies, working specifically on the Clinique brand. Unfortunately, the corporate world doesn’t allow for a whole lot of creativity and by 2015 I was ready to venture out on my own and take control over the work I produced. That’s when I started my own Digital Solutions company and haven’t looked back.


3. Why do you think that so many companies struggle to make a mark with their content?

You really need to put yourself in the mind of the consumer. What do they want to read? How can your company help them? These are the questions that need to be asked. It may sound harsh but consumers don’t care about you or your company, they care about themselves. If you provide content that benefits them, they will want to learn more about what you can do for them. If you provide content that people want to share, you have won. Too often companies let their ego get in the way by believing their customers care about them.


4. Do businesses need to worry about SEO? Or it goes hand in hand with good content?

Yes and no. Having good content is only part of it. SEO algorithms are constantly changing and it’s a never-ending game trying to figure out the latest “hacks”. I tell my clients to focus on content that contains a lot of keywords relating to their industry/product/service and to focus on having links to their website on as many other reputable sites as possible. Doing these two things will always have a positive impact on SEO.


5. Great storyteller. One company that comes to your mind.

Airbnb. Their marketing beautifully taps into the experiences of their target market. Whether it’s showing a young couple renting their spare room to help pay for their wedding or a family with 3 kids who need more than a hotel room when traveling, it really resonates. And if anyone from Airbnb is reading this, get in contact with me, I have a few ideas that will bring your marketing full circle 😉


6. With a content overload for users, how can companies win at social media.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Deliver content that matters to a targeted audience that they will want to share with others. Content that people share with their network is infinitely more valuable than paid content.


7. Your tip to aspiring digital and growth marketers.

Never stop learning or you will become redundant. You will experience tough times but if you focus on delivering amazing value to just a handful of clients they will effectively become your sales team by referring you to others.


Isn’t this inisghtful? If you would like to ask anything to Dominique, drop a comment and we’ll try to get you an answer.

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