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benefits of freelancing

Applying for writing jobs is tedious. You work on samples, sit through interview cycles, negotiate a salary and hope to start working sooner.
One thing I’ve learned. Never settle for less simply because you were idle for some time. Unlike other job profiles, we do not have standards or protocols for hiring.
This doesn’t mean you should compromise.

Performance Bonus

In 2012, I started working for I was writing gadget reviews, mostly smartphones.
Payment was good and I really enjoyed writing there until I found out that the other writers were getting bonuses on traffic on their articles.
“You never asked for it,” Rebecca, my editor, replied to my furious email.
I left the project egoistically, but I knew where I screwed up.
If you are working at a place that earns by traffic and ads, bonuses are 101. Lesson learned.
It is equally true for other jobs. You could ask about the performance-based bonusses at least.

Your Off Days

In my early freelancing days, I had this feeling that clients were gods. They were giving me work so it was natural to work on their whims.
So, this process included working till 3 in the morning. Plus, no weekends. Not even a Sunday.
I feared that they might throw me off the project. That’s a huge mistake we all make.
Tell them the days you cannot work upfront. Do not wait for a phase when they really love your work and let you do whatever you want. That won’t happen.
Every client knows that 24/7 availability hits work quality bad.

Growth Path

I’m sorry to bring this up. Most writers do not have a career goal.
“What do you want to do in 5 years?”
I understand that we love writing and that’s all we want to do for now. BUT. Think of the future.
Would you want to be writing same thing for the next 5 years? Wouldn’t you want to manage a team, edit or manage content?
Ask for the growth path and what’s required to reach to the top. Of course, this includes monetary values too.

Sponsored Learning

Who is an awesome writer? If I write good fiction, will that help me in tech writing too?
Being good with words is a blessing but it isn’t enough.
The difference between a good and a great writer are variables like audience psychology, lead understanding, product knowledge, market knowledge, web readability awareness and so forth.
There is tremendous opportunity to learn and your work can help you with that.
For instance, Indusface offers learning opportunities to every employee. You pick up the course that will help you learn and the company will pay for it.
There is no harm in asking for a similar learning benefit, especially if the employer or client would benefit from it. Most companies are open to such options.
Other Benefits:
  • Commute Cost
  • Accommodation
  • Joining Bonus
  • Project Completion Bonus

Ishan Mathur

Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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