7 Freaky Clients Every Content Writer Meets

weird writer clients

Content writing is an entertaining business. You know what I mean if you have been around for a while. For the ones just starting, you are about to know what it means to work for different personalities.

You get to meet tons of different people and learn to work with every type of client.  Here are a few of them that all of us have definitely met once at least.

1. The Cost-Conscious Client

Poor Writer Client

This one does not really care about what you offer until the content meets his/her minimum requirements. Did you just ask for a rate? Great you lost the client.


2. The Orthodox Language Preferer

Orthodox English

I shan’t expect mediocrity.


3. The Nitpicking Client

Failed Writer

No. No. No. There cannot be 1.25 spacing between the lines when they clearly mentioned 1.50. Oh boy, did you just forget to follow the font specification too?


4. The One With An Imagination

Imaginative Client

Can you make it more descriptive? Red isn’t exactly conveying the color of the table. It is obviously red but with better more intensity. How you ask? Well, you are the writer. That’s your job.


5. The One Who Hates You for No Reason

Writer Enemy

Writer is a lowlife. Just get your job done because his boss asked for it. Ewww, you disgust this one.


6. The Jumbler

Writer Life

Nah! This paragraph should go right up there. Bring the third line in the middle and mention the company often. Done? Great. Your writing lacks flow. I should have hired the other one.


7. The Scared One

scared client

I’m not sure if we can be this casual. I mean we want to appear cool and hip but our CEO is a little orthodox. Do you think this will offend him? Let’s not offend him dear.

Oops did we just cross a line? Or was it okay? We’d love to hear some of your stories on such clients.

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Ishan Mathur

Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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