3 Ways to Earn When You Don’t Have A Job

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“You’re fired,” said my first employer, and I told him, “Go to hell”.
It happened on the last day of the month. I didn’t get my salary.
Agreed. None of us was professional. I was fresh out of college and didn’t care about anything. Money was the least important thing, or so I believed.
Soon, I was cutting down on lunches and had to borrow from my parents.
That day I promised myself never to run out of money.
One of the important things I learned is that everything is about money. And you got to earn more of it.
It might not make you happy or content but it is important for the things you want to do with life. It takes care of things while you’re away chasing dreams.
Keep the money engine cranking. You lose job, lose project or get sick. It doesn’t matter. Keep working on something that earns or will earn in the future. Keep doing it until you have enough in the bank to work on things you love.
Losing a job isn’t your fault. Not working is. I chose to sit at home after losing the job trying to find any kind of work. It was difficult but I learned a lot.
One of my blog readers recently lost his job. He emailed me to help him find some projects. That made me come up with this list to help anyone who lost his job and wants to work on anything.

Search Engine Evaluator $10-17 per hour

Major search engines including Google and Bing realize that their resources are limited. They need real inputs from humans across that world.
As you probably know, search engines work on complex algorithms. These are like mathematic equations that rank websites according to predefined metrics. However, this equation lacks the human touch.
Search engines cannot predict human behavior yet. They cannot process information like humans do. That’s where search engine evaluators come in. They augment algorithms for better search results.
In short, search engine algorithms are not bulletproof. Evaluator is a home-based job that helps make search engine results better for humans.
How do you sign up? There are many different websites offering job. Appen has the best program.
Note: Never pay on any website to become an evaluator. Such jobs are scams.

Video Subtitle Writers $5-10 per hour

Who are the people behind subtitles in movies and online videos? These people work behind the scenes. They focus on words that you read on the screen.
The job of a transcriptionist is probably toughest on the list. Still, anyone can do it. Whether you are an English-speaking writer, a Hindi teacher or even an Arabic-fluent homemaker, there is work for everyone.
Transcription companies are looking for candidates that have loads of time, high internet speed (for videos), headphones, and eye for details. You have to ace the qualification test to start earning.
Where to start? Rev used to offer the best rates when I was in college and I hear that is true today too. Try signing up for the test with them.
Please note that they get dozens of applications every day so response time is high.

Virtual Assistants $2-20 per hour

Do you mind helping someone? It’s like giving a hand to people virtually.
Someone, somewhere is looking for people to assist them with their projects. Whether it’s research work or making presentations, you can help some very busy people and make money while doing it. Your job is to be the Virtual Assistant.
By the way, virtual assistants make good money.
Upwork is the best place to look for freelance jobs when you’re free. Although it will take some time to get familiar with the websites, it is worth it. Upwork is also good for providing professional services.

Ishan Mathur

Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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