13 Annoying Things Writers Really Want Clients to Know

annoyed writer

1. Let’s start with the basics. We are not a word machine. If the last blogpost was delivered in an hour that doesn’t mean we can do 10 a day.

writing client

2. We don’t really know all the words from the frigging dictionary. Don’t expect us to mouth the synonyms.

writer synonyms

3. Writer’s block is not a myth. It’s for real. There really are blank days.

frustrated writer

4. Where’s the flow? You just asked me to move the two paragraphs up.

writer wtf

5. Yes, we do need actual money to pay bills.

freelance writer

6. We can’t just edit things out on a vacation. It’s not a 2-minute job.

hurry up writer


7. While we’re at it, nothing is a 2-minute job.


8. We’re still waiting for your update. And it’s irritating.

waiting writer

9. Enough of writing birthday invitations and poems for you.

bored writer

10. Never lead with criticism. We’d like you to start with a little praise for the efforts before taking the hits.


11. If it isn’t too much effort, pay us casual a compliment. We’ll write better next time.

happy writer

Ishan Mathur

Ishan is a published author, blogger, content and growth marketer. He's the guy behind SnapWryt and Copy Chronicles communities.

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