10 Juicy Content Marketing Statistics for B2B Folks

content marketing stats

Content marketing has changed dramatically in the last decade. It was limited to pleasing search engines with techniques like keyword density and meta optimization. But today, companies know that driving traffic through content is not enough. It should have the power to hold visitors’ interest. Both B2B and B2B understand this.

That’s why you should be aware of content marketing stats to understand the trends and adjust your own strategy.

The Best Content Marketing Stats to Prepare for 2017

1. According to Lenati, 90% of the B2B buyers say that online content has some effect on their purchasing decision.

It’s a major wakeup call for companies that think that content marketing strategy is limited to B2C businesses only. Content is the best way to reach out to the prospects, irrespective of the target market segment.

2. Is content marketing a shot in the dark? Close to 80% of the companies report positive ROI through content marketing, per Hubspot’s State of Inbound Report.

ROI Content

This stat piece not only tells us that content is effective but also that it is measurable. You cannot expect content marketing to work without performance metrics.

3. As per the Content Marketing Institute, 79% top marketers rank content or blogs at the most effective traffic channels.

While most digital and growth marketers understand the important of content, they are somewhat hesitant in investing in it. This stat should help them get into the minds of the top marketing strategies.

4. Kissmetrics gets 70% of its leads and more than 80% of the traffic from its blog.

The power of blogging is massive. Imagine one of the most powerful software companies getting almost all their business from the blog. Content is definitely the king here.

5. Lead generation is the primary marketing goal. Social Media B2B report states that companies with a blog fetch 67% more leads than companies without a blog.

Thinking of getting a blog? This content marketing stat should give you an idea of why so many companies invest in generating and promoting epic content.


6. ContentPlus approximates 97% more SEO-friendly indexed links with a blogging platform.content marketing stats

Think about it. Content is the best way of getting love from Google. Even a 4-page website can get thousands of indexed links with frequent blogging. No other Search Engine Optimization activity can beat that.

7. B2B companies allocate an average 28% of their marketing budget to content marketing as per the Content Marketing Institute’s Report.

content budget

The number has grown dramatically over the last few years but it still isn’t effective. Why is that? Wait until you see the next face.

8. The same report states that the most effective marketing teams allocate 42 to 46% budget to content.

Do you see the difference? That’s close to two-fold difference between average and top marketing performances. If you are struggling with content metrics, it is time to invest a little more in storytelling and promotion.

9. From over 3000 participants in the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Report, 50% say that they are customer-focused.

While the management would like you to create content that focuses on product or sales, customers do not give a damn about it. Marketing teams should focus on creating content that answers questions and solves problems.

customer focus

10. eMarketer reports that 60% of marketers create content daily.

Consistency is the key to success if content marketing. Users look for fresh content in form of blogs, social media updates, eBooks and infographs. They are ready to consume. Ensure that your team is ready to serve them.

Ishan Mathur

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